Scenario: Politics


The PressAtlas app is a useful tool for politicians and journalists who want to measure the impact of a candidate relevant to an electorate area.

PressAtlas compliments traditional media by allowing users to view if their preferred political candidate and their policies and initiatives are gaining traction or being ignored in each geographical area of interest.  Keeping up with current events such as the upcoming US election is easy with PressAtlas.

In this scenario our user, who has a Tier 1 PressAtlas subscription, is able to search US presidential candidate ‘Donald Trump’ with numerous news items mapped across the globe in the heatmap.  By clicking on each of the PressAtlas icons within the heatmap, the user was able to view each of the headlines and click the link through to the article.

A search revealed a news article which reported that Ted Cruz had defeated Republican front-runner Donald Trump in presidential nomination contests in Kansas and Maine.  PressAtlas returned a heatmap with icons located in Kansas and Maine where he was defeated along with Florida, Ohio, Texas, Louisiana, Nebraska, Vermont and Washington DC, not the original post location of the article in Australia.