Scenario: Financial


PressAtlas can be a great additional tool for financial traders, CFOs or individual investors or business owners who want to rapidly get an idea of the global financial landscape.

PressAtlas can assist the financial analyst by adding a geographic element to their research. Geographic diversification is often considered an important part of a financial risk management plan, and PressAtlas can help identify events that can affect an investment around the globe.

In this scenario our user is a financial analyst who is interested in examining a client’s investment portfolio, in particular in the light of interest rate changes and share market fluctuations around the world. Using PressAtlas the analyst searches for ‘reserve bank’ and ‘interest rates’, filtering to only business related articles and can quickly see that there are articles linked to key financial markets around the globe.  In this instance, by clicking the articles, the analyst can see that the Australian dollar has rallied and is on the rise, the New Zealand dollar has also increased in value ahead of a reserve bank decision on interest rates, in Europe the ECB is again cutting interest rates and in America oil price increases have driven gains on Wall Street. Using PressAtlas the analyst has been able to quickly identify critical information relevant to key financial markets.