PressAtlas launch to transform the way information is accessed across the world.

Start spreading the news: PressAtlas launch to transform the way information is accessed across the world.

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In an era where attention spans are shorter, an audience dictates how it receives news, and ‘on-demand’ is used in everyday vocabulary, PressAtlas introduces instant geospatial exploration – revolutionising the way news will be accessed and received. 

The launch of Spatial Apps’ geospatial news targeting platform PressAtlas has already exceeded initial benchmarks and predictions, offering an innovative and simple way to access information.

PressAtlas is a feature-rich mobile application that is built upon a sophisticated spatial search engine that geo-tags a wealth of news feeds to provide its users with unparalleled capabilities.

Available on iOS and Android, Spatial Apps launched PressAtlas for industry professionals to access the biggest range of articles from across the world with a simple swipe of the thumb.

PressAtlas caters for every industry, allowing users to define their area of interest and enter a search term using a simple map interface.  

The application can be completely tailored to each user’s unique search requirements, allowing them to easily search through thousands of news feeds with results presented via heat mapping. The map interface displays exactly where news articles are concentrated, providing a geographic context to search results.

The platform automatically generates suggestions based on user preferences, enabling users to quickly gain insight into coverage of preferred topics in specified locations.

Spatial Apps, the provider of intelligent spatial solutions and unique location based applications, is revolutionising the on-demand news listing industry.

PressAtlas is committed to bringing the functionality of geospatial information systems and the power of geo-tagging to active news readers,” says Rob Coorey, Chief Executive Officer of Spatial Apps. “By providing this sophisticated technology on a mobile device, we’ve made geospatial news exploration accessible to everyone.”

PressAtlas aims to utilise spatial technology to provide a clear, accessible and simple way to personalise information and break through the clutter of global news.

PressAtlas has launched just in time for companies to boost their resources and intelligence in the lead up to the end of the calendar year. They can now instantly be directed to relevant news articles from across the world in a matter of seconds.

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Its vision is to share functionality provided by spatial technologies with everyday users and allow them to visualise, question, analyse and interpret spatial information to reveal relationships, patterns and trends.

Its goal is to create location-based applications that empower the user and provide them with a new way of accessing and viewing information worldwide.

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