Scenario: Government


Measure the impact of your work in the public sector and keep track of what relevant government departments and agencies are doing in your area of interest.

PressAtlas’ spatial representation of news allows individuals to monitor the effectiveness of any given public announcement and it’s reach.

In this scenario, a public servant working at Transport for New South Wales is involved in a project where they want to determine where new rail stations will be placed, but they have a limited budget and can only choose a certain number of locations. The decision on where the stations will be located will be partially based on public feedback, so the team has released a campaign where residents of an area of Sydney can show their preference for a station location. As part of this campaign, our user is managing communication with the public, and wants to know what the impact of local media has been.

Using PressAtlas, our user can quickly examine the impact of their campaign by seeing what geographical areas have been mentioned by news sources. In this instance, our user looked at what news could be found when using the search term ‘Metro’. She could see that in the last week there had been 8 news items in the Sydney areas that were about the metro and 14 separate locations had been mentioned, including Liverpool, Bankstown and Badgerys Creek.

Our user, accessing a Tier 1 subscription, was able to press one of the compass icons to see a headline and link to an article about that location. She was able to see that out of the 8 articles about the metro, four are about future potential upgrades and three are specifically about Badgerys Creek. Our user was able to use PressAtlas to monitor the media to see the impact of their campaign by seeing the suburbs that have been mentioned by the news sources.